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'Electricity' Press Relase:
Claire Birchall is a rare thing in Melbourne.  “A genuinely brilliant songwriter who should be lauded more frequently” (Mess and Noise) she is proudly independent without being fierce, and D.I.Y. without ironic lo-fi or pomposity.  She simply does things because she wants to; a spirit which manifests itself on her latest album, Electricity, as more a celebration of freedom then an angry declaration of Punk credentials.

Electricity is released on Monday, May 4th via Night Owl Records, with online distribution courtesy of the Half-A-Cow label.  The album is available for purchase (CD and download) at Bandcamp and local record stores throughout MelbourneFirst single from the album, Take It Easy Maryjane, will be available to purchase via download from the Bandcamp site from Monday, April 20th coinciding with a Video release on YouTube.

Electricity was entirely recorded at home with Birchall playing all instruments bar a couple of appearances by Matt Green (The Happy Lonesome) on harmonica.  It was mastered by Greg Wadley of the Spill label in his home studio.  Electricity’s combination of heavy bursts of fuzz, classic pop sensibilities and Birchall’s ability to mesmerise and pulverise vocally, creates something truly unique.

Claire Birchall has been making music for a long time now, first in Geelong amongst its strong underground scene in the mid-1990s and early 2000s after which she moved to Melbourne and with her band Paper Planes, released their self-titled debut in 2008.  Inspired by the independence and creativity of artists such as Neil Young and Beck, with sonic nods to Dinosaur Jr., Birchall saw the opportunity of Paper Planes’ demise to further purify her musical vision and in 2012 released PP with strong community radio support.  Electricity sees Birchall further execute this vision with a record that displays a range of styles from rock and indie to punk to country and blues without losing its coherence or originality.

In order to take these songs to a live audience Birchall assembled her band The Phantom Hitchhikers (featuring members of Paper Planes, The Happy Lonesome and The Coves) in mid-2014 and they have been gigging constantly since, building up a reputation as a must see live act.  Claire Birchall & The Phantom Hitchhikers will be playing throughout May & June to support the release of Electricity .  With a strong presence in local music media, Electricity should make the impact it deserves and further cement Claire Birchall as one of Melbourne’s true gems.


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